A positive company culture and a strong sense of belonging

Our company is new, but has a very ambitious reason to exist: to change the world by providing it with clean, safe, inexhaustible and sustainable energy. To achieve this, we need to work together in harmony to build the project, but also to build a solid company culture! Company culture is the way we express goals through values and beliefs; it is in effect our company’s personality! Each of our colleagues is a company ambassador in small and big ways, and we all share into the values and behaviours we aim to represent every day.


Develop the next generation of sustainable nuclear energy and fuel technology, that will help the world meet its energy needs and reach zero emissions


We feel the moral and scientific imperative to progress the nuclear industry, setting a new energy generation standard for the benefit of humanity and the environment


We are pioneering the combination of proven reactor technologies with new developments, and the closing of the fuel cycle to deliver safer, cleaner, and reliable energy at a competitive cost


Spirit of Collaboration

How we run our business​

Encourage creative thinking and solutions, and entrepreneurial spirit in everything we do.

Operate with transparency, fostering an open and honest environment, where people help each other succeed as one team.

Hold ourselves accountable for our actions, driving individual and collective success.

Promote a partnership approach to achieve collective strength and shared targets.

Standard of Excellence

How we develop our projects

Prioritise safety across everything we do.

Approach challenges with rigour and precision, striving for continuous improvement.

Promote a culture of innovation, where new ideas are welcomed and cultivated.

Champion sustainability practices to drive positive environmental impact.

Focus on Care

How we behave

Uphold the highest standards of integrity, encouraging strong ethical behaviours.

Promote an inclusive culture that values diversity and equal opportunities for all.

Build and maintain trust through transparent communication and honesty

Embrace challenge, valuing diverse perspectives and ideas.