Our ESG strategy

Our Environment Social and Governance (ESG) strategy is central to our business and inherent to our success. We pursue a sustainability-led model – for both our people and the planet.

We seek to achieve end-to-end utility across the value chain: designing, building, and operating our reactors as well as providing MOX fuel for them, processed from existing nuclear waste. We want to secure a sustained future for every stage of this journey. This means investing in the communities, environments, and structures of governance that work together to build it.

newcleo's ESG pillars

Integrating ESG into our business model is one of our priorities – the success of employees, stakeholders, partners, and communities that participate in our supply chain is our success, too. Our ESG approach encompasses four guiding principles – planet, people, prosperity, and principles of governance – through which we can plan our activities and measure our impact with the goal of achieving sustainable value creation.

This means investing in the places, people, and communities that will drive our development of a safe and stable power source for the future. With a comprehensive delivery timeline, our project requires us to robustly level-up skills across all functions of newcleo, and to play an active role in forming sustainable supply chains with minimal environmental and human impact.

As organisations worldwide seek to take accountability and deliver a positive impact on the planet, there has been a rapid growth of ESG terminology and frameworks that can be adopted – this can sometimes be a challenge in itself. Our pillars are largely based on the World Economic Forum (WEF) Stakeholder Capitalism framework, which incorporates the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Combined, these approaches provide an initial, effective guide for both mapping out and measuring how we impact our local and global stakeholders.


Our business brings together partners, sites, and stakeholders across a global value chain. We embrace the opportunity to support national and international Net Zero ambitions, whilst responsibly managing our own environmental impacts.

Our business model seeks to both strengthen security of the nuclear fuel supply through the closed fuel cycle, while also ensuring access to a low carbon source of energy. This will allow multiple actors and communities to benefit from a low-emission fuel source, and it will also strengthen our input over every step of fuel production, processing, and distribution.

Our sustainable use of resources is also at the heart of our business. With low-land utilisation and a zero-mining model, our plans to build, operate, and fuel reactors prioritise the welfare of our planet.


At newcleo, our business changes people’s lives. We commit to high standards of safety, wellbeing, and inclusivity at work, for our own people and for anyone involved in newcleo’s mission. We will foster innovation and support the development of safe nuclear technology by creating jobs and investing in skills.

newcleo will invest in research and design, innovation, training, and more. Our business model seeks to provide multiple built-in means of boosting both human and social capital. Through fostering innovation and research, we aim to connect generations and cultivate shared expertise.

Prioritising health and safety across the supply chain is crucial to the achievement of these goals. By promoting high standards of health and safety throughout the research and design process, and selecting a chemically inert lead-cooled model for our reactor design, we seek to minimise any risk of incidents.


Our success will be measured by more than financial results. At our core, we are about creating shared value. The prosperity of our communities and stakeholders is key to our future, as is their social vitality and quality of life.

As an innovator in GEN-IV nuclear energy, we are nurturing multiple stakeholder relationships. We will work closely with our partners, enabling us to closely measure the impact of our activities on the communities around us.

Based on the principles of circular economy, our business model aims to reach sustainable and high-value productivity through the industrialisation of SMRs. This, alongside our commitment to building a circular system of waste management to fuel our reactors, will enable us to positively impact employment and wealth generation, as well as community and social vitality.


Our governance is accountable for financial and societal performance and is chosen with commitment to newcleo’s purpose. It promotes transparency and responsibility for our impacts, people, and the prosperity of our communities.

With a governing body that holds the moral and scientific imperative to create the next generation of energy, we build legitimacy with stakeholders across the industry, valuing ethical behaviour and risk oversight as we progress in our journey.

At newcleo, our governing bodies – from our Scientific Committee to our Board of Directors – meet regularly to ensure alignment of activities and objectives.
By coordinating and leading research around fuel manufacturing and effective waste management, our governing bodies commit to building innovation, integrity, and safety into our relationships with nuclear communities.


With our ESG strategic approach defined, we are now in the process of finalising specific, concrete, and measurable activities that bring each of our pillars into action. We commit to sharing information on these as they are implemented.

Progress measures and KPIs

Using this framework, alongside relevant guidance and evolving legislation, we are developing appropriate KPIs to measure our impacts. We commit to publishing our progress regularly.

Skills development initiatives

newcleo is growing fast, and, as we progress in our journey, we want to take every opportunity we can to develop the skills of the people that will bring us to achieve our mission. This is why we have launched our UK graduate scheme: a core way of building a diverse workforce that will develop the skills, experience, and leadership that we need to meet the challenges of the future.