newcleo’s industrial development strategy

Less than two years since its launch, newcleo is actively pursuing a targeted acquisition strategy that will incorporate key companies with strong capabilities in nuclear engineering, manufacturing and waste management.​

Adding know-how, elements of supply chain support, consolidated skills and strong track records will ground newcleo’s industrial delivery and enhance the self sufficiency of our company.​

Enhancing businesses expansion, integrating activities​

newcleo intends to expand existing skills and services, supporting its development programme with investments.

This includes reinforcing available facilities and adding the existing customer contract portfolio, which will generate revenue and ultimately benefit the whole company.​

Grounding our project​

At the same time, acquired businesses will become integral to newcleo’s plans, developing and delivering crucial services for our projects’ deployment.

S.R.S. Servizi Ricerche e Sviluppo

Counting on more than 60 employees, SRS focuses on the engineering of systems, from design to final testing.

With a long track record in chemical plants, petrochemical engineering, conventional and renewable energy, in recent years has further expanded its remit on nuclear technology applications such as decommissioning, nuclear waste management (including conditioning and storage), nuclear fuel cycle systems, and new technology such as fusion and Generation IV.

It will become a cornerstone in the newcleo development strategy, having already been involved in 24 LFR projects, becoming the world leader in reactor lead cooling technology.

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Fucina Italia

With a workforce of around 50 employees, Fucina has evolved from a high technology automation and steel and naval structures manufacturer to become a leading company in nuclear decommissioning, nuclear waste management and liquid lead systems.

Working closely with SRS, Fucina internationally delivers plants, lifting equipment and industrial machines maintenance, as well as design, manufacture and assembly.

A production area of about 20,000 m2 (of which 9,000 m2 covered) and additional available land of 11,000 m2 (of which 6,000 m2 is buildable land) that will become a key production hub for newcleo’s projects.

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Fincantieri and RINA partnership

In July 2023 we signed an agreement with Fincantieri, one of the largest shipbuilding companies in the world, and RINA, the inspection, certification, ship classification and consulting engineering multinational.

Combining our deep international expertise and innovation experience we are carring out together a feasibility study for nuclear applications to the shipping industry, including newcleo’s LFR-TL-30 design.

This reactor is specifically thought for naval propulsion: a closed mini reactor on vessels working as a small nuclear battery, producing a 30MW electric output. It would require infrequent refuelling (only once every 10-15 years), very limited maintenance and easy replacement at end of life.

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Rütschi Group

The latest additions to newcleo family are Pompes Rütschi SAS and of Rütschi Fluid AG (jointly referred to as the Rütschi Group), a consolidated and well known player in the field of highly engineered and high quality nuclear grade pumps with a leading position especially in canned-motor pumps.

Founded in 1946 in Brugg (Switzerland) and with revenues of EUR22.3 million in the FY 2022-23, Rütschi Group is involved in the

  1. provision of nuclear spares for pumps installed in existing nuclear power plants
  2. the development of custom-made pumps for nuclear power plants, research centers and naval applications.

Rütschi Group, with its almost 70 employees, and about 4,000 pumps in operation in 150 nuclear reactors mostly across Europe, brings outstanding capabilities for nuclear engineering and manufacturing.

The Group serve a large customer base with their nuclear grade pumps and related customisation services, and its two production plants, in Mulhouse (France) and in Möhlin (Switzerland), provide a total covered area of 5,000 sqm with an opportunity to further expand, especially in the Mulhouse factory.

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