newcleo becomes a signatory of the UN 24/7 Carbon-free Energy Compact

We are pleased to announce that newcleo have been accepted a signatory to the United Nations 24/7 Carbon-free Energy Compact.

Decarbonisation is at the core of newcleo’s vision for the future.

We are innovators, currently in the process of combining leading technologies and research to create a clean, safe, and sustainable future with a new generation of nuclear reactors complementing other renewables to fulfil global energy needs.

This is why we are especially pleased to announce we have been accepted as a signatory to the United Nations SEforALL 24/7 Carbon-free Energy Compact: a commitment to five main principles and actions that will drive systemic change across the energy ecosystem:

  • Aiming for time-matched procurement
  • Prioritising local procurement
  • Embracing a technology-inclusive approach
  • Enabling the new generation of electricity production
  • Maximising system impact

The 24/7 Carbon-free Energy’s primary principle is time-matched procurement: aiming for every kilowatt-hour of electricity consumption to be met with carbon-free electricity that is readily available in any location at any time

The combined effort between energy suppliers, energy buyers, governments, system operators, solutions providers, investors, and other organisations drives a “transformative approach”, signalling that a fully decarbonized future is indeed achievable, in the words of our CEO Stefano Buono.

This is the future that is envisioned by newcleo’s own team. Meeting energy needs with dispatchable, clean, safe, inexhaustible, and sustainable energy is not only an integral part of our business, it is our whole purpose and mission.

Protecting our environment: our reactors and a cleaner future

The next generation of nuclear energy will be cleaner and safer not only through decarbonisation, but through an evolved and innovative approach to waste management.

We are designing and building Generation IV nuclear reactors – LFRs (lead-cooled fast reactors) fuelled with MOX (Mixed Oxide Fuel).

Our fast reactors’ use of MOX is aimed at supporting a commitment to sustainability, safety, and environmental protection by design. Using MOX will allow us to play a key role in reducing global build-up of depleted and reprocessed uranium, plutonium, and minor actinides, recovered from nuclear industry past and present. Our reactors’ ability to use what is considered waste as fuel is one of the ways in which newcleo commits to a ‘reinvention of nuclear’: fission fragments, with a comparably shorter half-life, will be the only part of MOX fuel that makes up final waste, allowing long-lived elements to be continuously recycled. This vast reduction of waste will make the future of the nuclear fuel cycle safer, cleaner, and more economical. Read more here.

Through this vision – a carbon-free and cleaner future for nuclear – we look forward to transforming the world’s energy supply, and working with others who share our goals.

You can read or download the full press release for this story here.

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