Expanding our international footprint: launch of our French subsidiary newcleo SA

We are very happy to officially announce the creation of our French subsidiary newcleo SA. Less than one year after newcleo’s launch, our international footprint now counts a significant presence in France, in addition to UK (headquarters in London) and Italy (R&D centre in Turin and further operations in Bologna and at the ENEA Brasimone site).

The launch of our French office comes at a key moment, with the French government having recently defined the country’s energy policy to extend the life of existing reactors and build new ones.

France is strategically very important for us, especially following our decision to invest in the construction of our own MOX production plant, that will be built in the country and that will be the major immediate focus for our team based there.

The industrial manufacturing line of MOX fuels will secure the future fuel supply needed for the operation of the first 30 MWe prototype and the subsequent fleet and, very importantly, will prove key in the management of nuclear waste and in considerably reducing the footprint of final storage at a time when France is preparing to massively relaunch a nuclear program and indirectly the production of waste.

newcleo’s small modular lead-cooled fast reactors (SM-LFR) are the most industrially mature way to reuse the spent fuel, closing the fuel cycle, reducing the volume of waste and promoting the acceptability of nuclear power with our sustainable approach.

Elisabeth Rizzotti, our COO, commented: “Our presence in France will be a key driver of our company development. Our partnerships will involve top industrial players of the nuclear sector, and we will look forward to communicating more soon as we develop and grow. Together, we will build the first LFR 30 MWe and close the fuel cycle, unlocking the large energy potential of nuclear waste, and building a sustainable future to energy generation.”

Our new team based in the Lyon office is led by Massimo Marino, a physicist/computer scientist with 20+ years of experience across sectors, including CERN, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, Apple, the World Economic Forum, and AAA/Novartis. Massimo is joined by a team of professionals who have decades of collective senior level experience in the nuclear sector. We are looking forward to them sharing their deep technical knowledge with the newer recruits across engineering and scientific roles that we are now in the process of hiring.

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