Elisabeth Rizzotti speaks at the 2023 RCS Business Academy

Elisabeth Rizzotti represented newcleo’s next-generation nuclear alongside major energy players in Milan at the 2023 RCS Business Academy.

On Thursday 30 March, newcleo’s COO (Chief Operating Officer) Elizabeth Rizzotti joined fellow forward-thinking energy innovators at the RCS Hydrogen and Nuclear Event in Milan.

We were honoured to have the pleasure of speaking alongside thinkers and pioneers from across the energy sector, on behalf of RCS Academy – a prestigious educational institution that, like us, has a mission of drawing out the best from young people, and harnessing their energy to power the future.

Speaking with journalist Nicola Saldutti (Corriere della Sera) on the history of nuclear, strategies around waste management, and changing perceptions of the industry, Elisabeth shared insights into our technology and discussed the role it can play in communities.

Sharing a platform with representatives from Edision, Italgas, RINA, Iren, CNR, ENEA, Snam, Enel, A2A, and more, Elisabeth kicked off with the story of newcleo’s origins: a mission born from a goal to combine the rich history of Italian nuclear science with the energy of fresh, innovative minds and approaches.

As one of the speakers bringing a focus on technological innovation in the energy industry, Elisabeth took this opportunity to share how expertise in MOX (Mixed Oxide Fuel), GEN IV Fast Reactor technology, and SMRs can be fused to create something with the power to lead a sustainable future. In Italy, France, and the UK, we’re building on the legacy of years of research. This “inter-generational exchange”, as described here by Elisabeth, is a fundamental aspect at newcleo and we were pleased to see our approach to collaboration and innovation echoed throughout the event by other players in the energy sector.

At the beginning of the day, Gilberto Pichetto Fratin, Italy’s Minister of the Environment and Energy Security, spoke of the need to refrain from being “only ideological” when confronting the challenge of the green transition. Fortunately, as Elisabeth observed, public perceptions are beginning to change:

“Younger generations are less influenced by the ideology and narrative built around nuclear power to this day. They are very curious, and our approach, together with all the energy players, is precisely to let facts speak for themselves.”

You can watch the full session below:

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