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newcleo Executive Team


Stefano Buono
Founder & CEO

An Italian physicist, he worked for 10 years with physics Nobel laureate Carlo Rubbia at CERN and CRS4, in the field of Accelerator Driven Systems and nuclear waste transmutation. In 2002, he founded Advanced Accelerator Applications, listed on NASDAQ from 2015 until its acquisition by Novartis for $3.9 bn.


Luciano Cinotti
Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

an Italian nuclear engineer, he worked at Ansaldo for 30 years and is a leading expert in Fast Reactor technologies. A Euratom representative and the Chairman of the LFR Steering Committee of the Generation IV International Forum from its inception until 2010, he is the author of most of world’s LFR-related patents.


Elisabeth Rizzotti
Founder & Chief Operating Officer; CEO Italy

a French physicist, after a brief spell at CERN she left physics to embrace the world of finance, working first for leading international consulting companies and then for several Italian commercial banks where for 30 years she developed her strong managerial expertise.


Bruce Macfarlane
Chief Financial Officer

A British chartered accountant who spent 20 years of his international career at BP, spread across Europe, Asia, and the Americas, culminating in a global CFO role overseeing USD 6 billion of expenditure. With the energy sector as his backbone, he spent a further 10 years working with private equity, family offices and other funds on financial investments into the billions.


Laura Vergani
Chief Communications Officer

Italian/British communications professional with international experience, she has worked in the UK for the last twenty years in large companies both private and listed. Laura has operated across sectors, including highly complex and regulated environments (banking, healthcare). She holds an MA in English and Russian literatures.

newcleo Scientific Committee


Giovanni Corsini

a graduate in chemical engineering, he joined the team led by Cinotti in 2009. Previously he worked on the European Fast Reactor team at Novatome (in Lyon, France) and was resident engineer in Germany and field engineer for a chemical plant on behalf of Foster Wheeler It.

De Antoni

Giuseppe De Antoni

a nuclear engineer, he worked for more than 40 years in the field of fast reactors, mainly on the construction of the SPX1 reactor (Superphénix), starting in the late 70s as a system engineer during the detailed design phase for the reactor, and later working on its commissioning, operation and dismantling.


Cosimo Garofalo

a nuclear engineer, he spent 15 years working on engineering, construction and installation activities related to the SPX1 (Superphénix) and SPX2 Projects, followed by 15 years managing engineering, construction completion and commissioning of the Cernavoda 1 and 2 Nuclear Power Plants.


Norberto Meda

a graduate in physics, he began his professional career in neutronics and core design, working in particular on the core design of SPX1 as part of the NIRA/CEA team. He contributed to the shield design of the PEC reactor, to SPX1 service activities and to the design of the primary system of the LFR-AS-200 reactor.


Leonardo Presciuttini

an Italian nuclear engineer, he worked as a member of the “équipe commune Novatome-NIRA” in Paris on the construction of SPX1 and on the development of SPX2. He has been involved in the realisation of the PEC reactor and in steam turbine design. His prior experience includes engineering manager at FBM-Hudson Italiana SpA and general manager at Mangiarotti SpA.


Luigi Vernetti

a mechanical designer, he has mainly been involved in studies and industrial activities for the construction and decommissioning of SPX1. He has contributed to the development of heat exchangers and cooling systems for other fast reactors and, more recently, of LWRs as well.
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