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newcleo is a clean and safe nuclear technology company. Privately funded and headquartered in London, UK, newcleo was launched in 2021 to be a disruptor in the field of nuclear energy. Its mission is to generate safe, clean, economic and inexhaustible energy for the world, through a radically innovative combination of existing, accessible technologies.

newcleo is building the next generation system with the goals to:

  1. eliminate the need for geological repositories by using a fast neutron flux avoiding the production of long life radioactive elements;
  2. accelerate the development of new fuel cycles, including MOX (Mixed Pu-U Oxides) and eventually thorium, that provide clean, safe and inexhaustible energy from nuclei and the opportunity to burn the long-lived nuclear waste produced by the old generation of nuclear reactors;
  3. ultimately develop an Accelerator Driven System (ADS), based on the intrinsically safe coupling of a particle accelerator and a sub-critical reactor.

With visionary co-founders, newcleo brings together an international team of senior engineers with deep knowledge of nuclear energy and new recruits with a fresh mindset, working to develop designs based on innovative Lead-cooled Fast Reactors (LFRs). These LFRs will meet the commercial demand for small terrestrial waste-to-energy reactors.

In the UK, newcleo’s immediate focus is on delivering a prototype 30MWe LFR by 2030 followed by an initial battery of 4-6 x 200MWe reactors with deployment in the early 2030s. We are building our team to meet this challenging and exciting objective.

newcleo wants to be the first step toward the evolution of its industry to become fully respectful of people and the environment. To develop a new, sustainable, and completely safe way of generating nuclear energy that will lead humanity to zero emissions, and to the mitigation of global warming.

Reports to (Job Title):

R&D Manager – Codes & Methods

Job Description

To collaborate to the development of computer codes and engineering applications with high-performance computing and numerical mathematics. As a computational scientist, the applicant will do research aiming to optimize the runtime and the memory occupation of existing computer codes used in reactor design, safety and shielding. The applicant will work with the ERANOS code system for fast reactor calculations, as well as with new computer codes solving full-core neutron transport problems. The applicant will also contribute to the development of thermo-hydraulic models customized to liquid-metal pool reactors and once-through steam generators. The applicant will participate actively to research programs in nuclear science and engineering with external organizations and laboratories, and especially on the development of innovative applications for advanced simulation, data analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence. The successful candidate will work jointly with other research staff to apply knowledge, practices and techniques to the existing methodologies used for reactor studies. The group operates in the areas of reactor physics, transport theory and neutronics, reactor thermal-hydraulics and heat transfer, two-phase flow, and instrumentation physics.

Main Activities

  • Reverse engineering and analysis of legacy computer codes 
  • Improvement of existing algorithms and development of new numerical schemes to solve mathematical problems reproducing physical systems 
  • Upgrade codes with parallelism and other features for high-performance computing 
  • Production of technical documentation and scientific publications 

Key Performance Indicators

Timely management of key deliverables and tasks respecting deadlines with high quality output.

Ideal Background


Master’s Degree in Applied Mathematics, Computational 

Physics or Informatics, former training in Nuclear Engineering 

or Nuclear Physics is a plus 

PhD is requested for this position 


Fluent English, and Italian or French as option

Experience / Professional requirements

  • background in computer science and modern software engineering practices 
  • experience in high-performance computing 
  • great mathematical and analytical skills 
  • proficiency in C/C++ and FORTRAN-2018 
  • sound background in posix-compliant operative systems 
  • experience with the preparation of scientific research programs 

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