The future of energy according to newcleo is clean, safe and inexhaustible.
Our Purpose
& Vision
newcleo’s mission is to develop a new way of extracting energy from nuclei that could really lead to carbon neutrality for our planet, and is safe, clean and inexhaustible.


the use of a particle accelerator makes it possible to harness an intrinsically safe nuclear cascade of fissions and not a chain reaction;


the use of a fast neutron flux eliminates the need for geological repositories, potentially even for waste originating from old reactors;


the use of thorium as fuel provides a virtually inexhaustible supply and eliminates the need for fuel enrichment. The fuel cycle is also not suitable for military uses.

newcleo strategy

Our energy revolution
starts today

  • bullet grigio newcleo Ltd has been incorporated by its visionary Founders, including the current management team;
  • bullet verde we have created a Nuclear Research Center based in Turin where about one hundred young nuclear physicists and engineers will work and share knowhow with leading international experts and scientists;
  • bullet arancio newcleo's first project (Re-Act) is a small Lead Fast Reactor that shall soon satisfy commercial demand for small electric generating units on islands, in remote communities and for naval propulsion.

We are now working on the Business Plan that will outline the next steps and drive us into a new era of clean, safe and renewable nuclear energy.